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Stress Management

Research shows that most diseases and ailments have a strong relation to stress. Arun integrates effective Stress Management techniques, based on strong scientific evidence, with other healing modalities, to successfully control and manage stress. Individual one-on-one, Group and Corporate programs are available.

Stress is a major factor in most diseases and ailments of the body and the mind. And who doesn’t experience stress in their daily lives in this age? The effective management of stress goes a long way in healing oneself.

Research has found that bringing the basal metabolic rate to levels lower than that experienced in sleep activates healing processes in the body and mind. Arun makes use of a systematic stress management technique based on these finding, that can be practiced by individuals on their own.

This technique was originally conceived in India by the Vivekananda Yoga Kendra to help busy executives to deal with stress. Regular practice of the technique was found to greatly increase the efficiency, and consequently the revenues, of many companies. Over time these busy executives reported that it also made a great difference in their health and personal lives. Since then it has been used by thousands of people in India, and other parts of the world, to greatly enhance the quality of their lives on all levels.

Stress Management classes are taught by Arun on an individual basis and in group settings. Corporate sessions are also available.

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